Saturday, October 01, 2011

Obama to Congress: I Sent You A JOBS Bill - I Want It Back! (Video)

My comments to a fellow columnist on MSNBC/Newsvine

Hetep and Respect Carloz, I agree with you on most things but
You need to do some bi-partisan nudging on this issue, IMO.
Mr. Bi-partisan is dead the Reputhuglicans killed him. The President has gone above and beyond his job by creating jobs legislation that the legislative branch should have created. Now it is time for we the people to do our job as the President asks us to do at the end of his weekly address. I hit my congress people and the opposition weekly on this. Just take out your Iphone and pop them an email.

What the President should do now, is what he is doing. Shove the JOBS BILL up the Republican's A$$ every 3 or 4 weeks from now to election if need be, till they pass it or till we Reelect our JOBS President and give him a bullet proof JOBS Congress to put us back in the business of Winning the Future.


P.S. This is not digg, If someone claims that Repubs want jobs as demonstrated by their Republican JOBS bill, please place the link to the "Republican Jobs bill" here.

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Obama to Congress: Get your 'act together and pass this jobs bill so I can sign it into law.' (Video)

President Obama discusses the letters he receives every day asking for action on jobs and calls on Congress to pass the American Jobs Act right away to cut taxes, create jobs and provide a win for the American people.
Hello, everyone.  It’s been almost three weeks since I sent the American Jobs Act to Congress – three weeks since I sent them a bill that would put people back to work and put money in people’s pockets.  This jobs bill is fully paid for.  This jobs bill contains the kinds of proposals that Democrats and Republicans have supported in the past.  And now I want it back.  It is time for Congress to get its act together and pass this jobs bill so I can sign it into law. 
To join a discussion and read more hit the link and tell me what you think.

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