Sunday, September 28, 2008

How To Pick A President 101 P3 of 3

This is the last in a three part series of articles on how to pick a President. I have been amazed at the number of Americans that I have run into that do not know the basics of how to pick a President. This series is for those folks, and those of you, like me, who keep running into people who need a quick “how to” pick a President tune up from the neck up. So, come share what you know and learn what you don't.

2008 is a critical and historic Presidential election year and we need all hands on deck, with sufficient political literacy to make an informed judgment that moves our country forward.

Last Sunday, in How To 101, we added to our Top Three, Party Analysis. Your home work was to use the information provided to construct your bulletized three point analysis of each party as they related to your top three. I want to thank those readers who took the time to walk through the process with me. We had some interesting political position pictures in the end. This week we will expand your Top Three List to A Top Ten Issues list. Your homework will be to create your Top Ten List and tell us if creating the extended list changed your original Top Three List. Did it cause the order to change? Did you decide to replace one of the issues on your original Top Three List?

Lastly, we will talk about the end game, how to use your lists to maximize the value of the presidential debates to your final choice for President of these United States of America. Naturally, the end game would not be complete without you voting, so we spend time on the Vote.

Top Ten Issues
2008 Presidential Election

Political issues by category

Domestic Policy:
1. Universal Sick Care (USC) (Pro-life for grown ups)
2. End the Iraq War in 30 days (Use money at home)
3. Green Moon Shot in 10 years (fix economy and form the future)
4. Protect my retirement including Social Security (quality of life)
5. Net Neutrality & Obama's Google-Gov't (change to open gov't)

Foreign Policy:
6. End Torture and attacking countries to steal resources e.g. oil
7. Ensure we can compete with China in the Global Village
8. Education for National service - World Class education at home
9. Security: Protect the country and my constitutional rights
a. Get the folks who enabled the Attack on America and keep the Taliban out of power
b. Restore our national friends and make new ones.
10. No military bases or attacks on the African continent - Work with the UN

Key: They include my personal self-interests and what I think is important for the National interests.

As we move into these final four 2008 Election debates you should have already chosen a President based on your Top Three Issues. So what is the value of these debates? This is your last chance to hear from the horse’s mouth and check off your list one last time. Body language and candidate reaction under pressure can tell you things that you cannot get from a list. These soft decision elements will add to the accuracy of your voting judgment.

One final note, you must actually be registered and go to the polls and Vote. This election will be close and we need all hands on deck. Voter suppression has started, I recommend that you follow voter suppression at: Voter Suppression Wiki - Learn, Report, Act

Don’t be tricked out of your well thought out position, stay focused on your self-interests as reflected in your Top Issues. Make a Culturally Healthy choice!

My Debate Score Card = Obama 1 McCain 0
What does your debate score card say?
Link to the top polls. (snap shot in time)

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