Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tyra on AA Skin Bleaching and Cultural Poisoning.

Tyra Banks talks with three African American Children who's mother pours bleach on them to make their skin lighter.

Let's Go To the Video Tape

Image poisoning is a subset of Cultural Poisoning and it is alive and well in America. If you watched the rest of the interview you noted that while, African Americans are aware of this bleaching symptom of Cultural Poisoning existing in our community. Most European Americans have no idea what Image poisoning is, let alone Cultural Poisoning.

As Cultural Soldiers we can learn a lot from the mother's dis-ease. Like most mothers she loves her children but like anyone with a chronic psychological disorder like alcoholism, she has no idea that she is ill. Tyra as a sound cultural citizen did a great job of bringing this issue forward to TV. However, not knowing Cultural Health language limited her ability to help this mother and her children. What is most unfortunate is that the children have been infected with this miligent dis-ease by the mother and will pass it on to their children unless their is a Cultural Health intervention.

Tyra my not know about Cultural Poisoning. If you know Tyra send her this article, the mother and these children can be helped.

For more information on Cultural Poisoning Click Here to see the famous Cultural Health Video "A Girl Like Me"

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