Monday, September 08, 2008

The US-Open Had Their Woman's Finals on Wednesday?

The official Woman's Finals in New York City took place oddly enough on Sunday. A Williams won, however the real finals took place on Wednesday, what were the US-Open and USTA officials thinking?

Now, I do not claim to understand the ranking and draw mathematics. I am just a simple tennis fan, but how did the two best players in the world, on the woman's side of tennis, wind up facing each other in the quarter finals. I have a friend who does not play tennis like I do, but watches tennis whenever the Williams sisters are playing. Often he is the one to call me to tell me that they are on. When he called me this time exasperated, he wanted to know why they were put in the same draw. I was at a lost. It didn't make sense to me either.

Yes, I watched the official finals and The American defeated the Serbian Jelena Jankovic 6-4, 7-5. Serena's opponent did better then expected and the match was very interesting and entertaining, but turned out as most people expected. Most people watching also knew that the real finals already happened. Some how the powers that be need to do better then this in the future, so that we fans can see the best players in a tournament, actually play in the "finals".

For the best point of the real finals
Lets Go to the Video Tape

What do you think?

For details and the best pictures go to Black Tennis Pros

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Shelia said...

Amen on the "real" finals. I'm just so glad to see one of the sisters back on top. Venus isn't far behind. I'd love to see them do the 1 and 2 thing again!

Did you see the photos of Serena in Times Square today? She looks beautiful.

Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect Shelia, sorry it took a microsec to get back to you. I am just getting back into the swing of things after summer vacation.

I think we will be seeing them in 1 and 2 soon. Their longevity is amazing. I went to your site and loved the pictures. You always find great pics. tnx

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