Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McCain is Culturally Illiterate and Computer Illiterate

McCain implied that the founding fathers of the US were right and just to have enslaved Africans and the Supreme court should return to that type of justice. (Video)

Watch him acknowledge the problem with his statement and retreat when pressed by Ms. Goldberg of the View TV Show.

Whoopi to McCain: Do I have to worry about slavery again?

Note McCain's words, he wants to return to a strict interpretation of the constitution as the founding fathers intended it. At best McCain is Culturally Illiterate or at worst he was suffering from acute Cultural Poisoning.

As a student of the constitution in the Senate for more then 20 years, McCain should know that the founding "fathers" unjustly and criminally declared enslaved Africans in America 3/5th of a human being. Now he also knows that he was in mixed company, i.e. African Americans and European Americans. He should have known that using the language "strict" interpretation of the constitution would be offensive and disconcerting to any African American or other cultural humanist with the most rudimentary understanding of the history of the constitution.

If McCain was not aware of these realities then he demonstrated Cultural illiteracy which, is unacceptable in a President for TeamAmerica and the future. On the other hand, if he new these facts and went forward with this disconcerting language anyway, this would bring up a whole other set of questions regarding McCain's cultural orientation.

What do you think? now,lets look at his other form of illiteracy.

He has admitted he can't use a computer and if you look at his audiences, you will note he demonstrates that he doesn't know how to unite our multi-ethnic country either. Obama pointed this e-mail ad in the right direction. How can a computer illiterate President lead a computer literate young America into the future.

I would have to conclude that any person who could not step toward the future (send and Email)in twenty years is not likely to turn this country toward the future in four years.

Let my close by raising for your consideration the notion that a person burdened with the book ends of Cultural Illiteracy and Computer Illiteracy, has neither the vision or cultural orientation that America needs to move forward.

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