Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin Starts World War Three on ABC World News Last Night

Unless I missed something, McCain let his bad judgment choice out of Pandora's box onto World News with Charles Gibson and palin promptly started World War Three.

I could have sworn I heard Palin say, that in addition to "wining" the Bush/McCain Iraq war, the Governor's first act a President would be to attack Russia over Georgia. Palin really is scary. So now we are not just going to attack defenseless countries, we will pick fights with countries with Nuclear bombs. If this was a demonstration of Palin's battlefield skills, I think she just got us all killed.

Speaking of foreigner policy issues, If I do not know what the Bush Doctrine is that is OK. If I am a hart beat away from the Presidency it is not OK.

Palin's first out of the box interview is demonstrating that, like the picture leading this piece, the Republicans have pulled another terrible Judge Thomas hoax on the American people.

Enough already, how much more bad judgment can the country stand from Bush/McCain.

For Details, click here.

I have tried to be light about Palin and this would almost be funny if it were not so serious. There are at least seven hundred thousand folks that understand this. I hope most voters get to see Damon's comments.

Let's Go to the Video Tape

Damon Condemns Palin

This goes beyond Cultural Health, we are now talking basic health. We must keep the Bush/McCain Palin folks away from the codes just to stay alive. With life I can do Cultural Health and you can do what you do. No breathing in and out, all bets are off.

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