Sunday, September 07, 2008

Republican Convention - Police Attack Press - Call To Action

Many reporters have been attacked in St Paul by Mayor Coleman's out of control police. (Video)

Democracy Now reporters were attacked and imprisoned in violation of the first amendment. Amy Goodman the famous progressive voice of Democracy Now went to talk to the commanding officer regarding their release. She was not taken to the Commanding officer, as is her right, she was ordered arrested by officers under Sargent McKenzie's control. Lets Go To The Video Tape

This is an outrage. Amy has been released but her reporters remain in jail. Why is this story not the lead story on all media everyday until all members of the American Press are released in accordance with the first amendment. When a member of the press is prevented from doing their job of filming and reporting events in the nation, we the public are blinded and unjustly prevented from receiving the information we need to make informed judgments about events in our country. If anti-American constitution violators get away with attacking prominent members of Press by day, they will surely attack citizen Journalists at Newsvine and blogs at night.

St Paul, Minnesota is an American disgrace. The Bush/McCain Republicans unlike the Democrats, that spoke with those demonstrating and avoided the police abuse that Republicans allowed.The Republicans did nothing.I do not hear the Republicans or the Democrats calling for the release of the Press from Minnesota imprisonment, this is unacceptable. Call the party you support and let them know you want action.

Call to Action - Bloggers Unit
1. Run the story
2. call Mayor Colman 651 266-8510
I demand the following
- Release all Press
- Drop all charges
- Demote Sargent McKenzie and any officers involved in the arrest of the Press

For additional information

Now of PBS

Democracy Now

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