Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Republican Convention - False Flag Operation (video)

The Political Cultural Health Index of the Republican Convention was much lower then the Democratic PCH Index. My friends and I were not fooled by the Republican "Country First, big flag hoax, designed to keep us busy while the issues disappeared.

A little slight of hand can cloud your judgment and take your mind off the real issues.

Did you see that big flag behind the speakers, it changed to smaller flags at times and many flags at other times. As an African America I grew up in the U.S. being suspicious of people and groups that hide behind the flag and crosses. The Ku Klux Klan is a group of anti-humanists that hide behind the Christian Cross and the American flag. It is interesting to note, that most Klan (Anti-Non-European American) types like David Duke are Republicans today. George Bush, and John McCain are famous for the "Republican" lapel pin of the Bush era., but both supported the South Carolina Confederate flag a symbol of fighting for American enslavement. The take home message, history demonstrates that everyone who wears an American flag does not subscribe to culturally healthy American values.

Wikipedia says, False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to appear as though they are being carried out by other entities. The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is, flying the flag of a country other than one's own. False flag operations are not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations, and have been used in peace-time; for example, during Italy's strategy of tension.

You remember the Vietnam War and The Gulf of Tonkin Incident, where the American destroyer Maddox was supposedly attacked twice by three North Vietnamese torpedo boats in 1964 in the Gulf of Tonkin. Documents now reveal that the reality was not as stated. President Johnson knew that the American attack on the Asians was ill conceived, unsustainable and would have to be terminated. Some say that Bush and the forty thieves created a false flag operation by tying the Iraq flag to the 911 attack on the United States.

It is interesting to note that today most of the American people are against the Vietnam War and the Bush/McCain Iraq War. McCain is out of step with the American people in both cases, yet these wars and his role in them were part of the main theme of the convention. look at McCain's judgment, he wanted to stay the course in Vietnam and in Iraq, yet the stay the course guy became the "Change" Guy at the false flag convention. A picture is worth a thousand words, did you look at the crowd? 93% White males vs. 65% White Male delegates at the Democratic convention. What change, no cultural inclusion in the convention crowd or the crowds that turn up for Bush/McCain Palin on the stump, or in the voting booths.

If a party's convention is not inclusive, then there is no prof of concept regarding McCain's assertion that he will run an inclusive unifying government. In fact, the convention demonstrates the opposite Bush/McCain will divide this country more then at any time since the Civil War.

Don't Take my word for it Lets Go To The Video Tape

Sarah Palin | 2008 Republican Convention | 9/03/08 |

Your Cultural Literacy assignment, should you decide to accept, is to look at the crowd shots and count the number of African Americans, Asian Americans and Latino Americans you see in the crowd.

Did you notice the convention slogan "Country First Right or Wrong". I know, they left off the right or wrong, that is the false flag point. Like "Love it or leave it" the slogan was, and is, red meat code for the extreme social conservatives at home and on the convention floor.

Wikipedia also describes in general terms the strategy of tension that I assert the Republicans used at their false flag convention. This is how it works, it is a strategy used to divide, manipulate, and control public opinion using fear, propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare and agents provocateurs. The tactic is a familiar one often used historically by cultural anti-humanist. The tactic is indispensable for Cultural Poisoning. Like in divide and conquer, the term 'tension' one refers to emotional tension, to what creates a sentiment of fear. By the term 'strategy' one refers to what feeds the fear of the people towards one particular group. This brings me to John McCain's choice for V.P., Governor Palin. No disrespect intended with this pieces cover picture but it does illustrate a point. The overt reason for picking Palin is to capture the Hillary woman's vote. The covert reason is to get the extreme right wing working class social conservative (Code for Anti-Non-Christian European American) male vote.

Palin is the emotional lightning rod to get the Social Conservative, get out the vote, storm troopers boots on the street.

John McCain took Shara Palin out of Pandora's box and sprang her on the unsuspecting American public. After her speech, McCain has put her back in the box and is hoping no more shoes drop on the box and knock it open again. Some say Palin is like Dan Quayle, that is only partly true. Remember when President Reagan needed an African American for the Supreme Court, he surprised the American people with an African American that was anti-African American. Well, McCain has found a female American who is anti-female American (anti-choice). Most things that Hillary is for on the issues, Palin is against. Palin is McCain's Judge Thomas, and like him, she will be used to divide Americans and restore cultural extremism.

Let's go back to the floor of the convention one last time. The delegates loved Palin. The PCH Index was 1.8% on the floor. That is, less then 2% of the delegates were African Americans vs. the Democrats with approximately 64% AA Delegates. The convention delegates are one big social conservative focus group. From their reaction, it would seem that he has successfully duped them and the MSM into thinking the Bush/McCain Palin stay the course torture and divide tag team is now miraculously the McCain "Change" and national unity expert on the economy team. The question is does the public, not the convention, buy this?

70% of the American people are against Bush and the Republicans on the issues. They want the war ended. They want National Sick Care and they want a Green Moon Shot to put the economy back on track and secure our future. Bush/McCain especially with Palin have made it clear they are not going to do any of these things. The Choices could not be clearer, and I believe the election results will depend on the nation's cultural health. It has been said that if the Republican brand were dog food it would be removed from the shelves. We already know what party will win the election on the issues and that makes 2008 the biggest benchmark on the Nation's Cultural Health since the 1960's. If the Republican convention was about anything, it was about the past. They hardly mentioned today's issues, the current condition of the middle class or the future. The stakes are high, Health care for all, depends on the Cultural Health of all. The question is, are we going forward or backward, what do you think, vote in the poll.

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