Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trickle uP for Main Street - No Trickle Down for Wall Street

Give our 700 billion to us, to pay our mortgages, and the financial "crisis" will be over. Bush and the forty thieves have proved that Trickle Down ideology does not work, why, in the name of common sense, would we try it again.

Who is Bush/McCain going to give our 700 billion to? Let’s Go To The Video Tape

My plan is simple, take the 700 Billion and give it to home owners and let it trickle up. If Bush wants to go in my pocket for 700 billion, this will cost me one to two trillion. Why would I believe him or his people, remember Iraq. This is what I would do with the money, cut any past or present foreclosed mortgage in half. Keep the family in the house with affordable payments and fixed interest for 30 years. Return families to houses that have been lost. Mandate that only banks can hold mortgages. End mortgage based derivatives. Tightly regulate the financial industry mandating internet based transparency.

We the people should take over the "Federal" Reserve and print our own money for the purpose of lending it to the financial sector. Any company with a people's reserve loan would agree to a salary freeze and rollbacks where needed. These companies would give no raises or bonuses, or pay any dividends, until the peoples reserve loan is replayed. Government representatives would sit on their board and in the interest of transparencies they would agree to provide full computerized financial reports every 90 days. These reports would be published on the internet in accordance with Obama's Digital Vision. Any violators of the agreement or the public trust go to jail.

The way to put America in sound economic shape is not a short term fix. It is in launching the Obama Green Moon Shot with a ten year drop dead date for our future.b

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