Monday, September 29, 2008

Obama Cleans McCain's Clock on the War

In the 1st Presidential debate, McCain made the mistake of bringing up his escalation ("surge") of the Bush/McCain war, one time to many. Obama hauled back and knocked him out cold. (Video) 0:47 sec His hands moved so fast you could have missed it.

Let's Go To The Video Tape

9/26/08 Pres. Debate: Obama Calls Out John McCain for Being WRONG on Iraq

Debate moderator Jim Lehrer, who did an excellent job, was tying to get the candidates to talk directly to each other, with limited success. This time when McCain lead with his "surging" right, Obama stood squarely, looked McCain dead in the eye, and blocked his punch with a 2007 to 2003 move to the left. Then with the precision of a surgeon, obama delivered two hard right "You Were Wrongs" and a final left "You Were Wrong" uppercut that sent McCain to the canvas for the count.

I tell ya, I was ring side and it was a thing of beauty. Obama floating like a butter fly and stinging like a bee. The kind of thing you tell your children about.

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