Thursday, October 16, 2008

Was Joe the Plumber A Fox/McCain Plant

It Turns out that Joe the plumber does not make $250,000 now. He is an employee of a pluming company. Not only is he not going to be taxed under an Obama plan he is not likely to own a plumbing company anytime in the foreseeable future. (Video)

At best McCain's Joe is not a truth teller. at worst he is a plant. In any case he can count on everything he has ever done in his life being dragged through the press in the next week or so.

The other side of this is that a small merical happened at Obama/McCain III last night. McCain the bank deregulator with 9 houses and 13 cars and ethics problems all of a sudden is the best friend of Plumbers. WoW. I think I will call this the Plumber hail mary.

McCain went down in flames last night in the last the debate and Joe did not save him. Final Debate Result Obama 3 McCain 0.

Update: Joe is not registered to vote in Holland, Ohio
Joe has no plumbers license
Joe gets no tax increase under Obama's plan
It is a shame that Bush/McCain repubs take advantage of low information Americans like joe

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