Sunday, October 12, 2008

Palin is a Cultural Terrorist and Should Resign

2008 is a historic election for which their is no script. Palin is writing her own script like everyone else. However, Sarah Palin is the first one to write a dangerous script. In attempting to tar and feather Senator Obama as paling around with terrorists, she has become a domestic Cultural Terrorist herself. (Video)

We have all heard about the Palin mob screaming "...kill Him...", "...Off with his head..." and attacking African Americans, Now, we see Black people being shot for waring an Obama shirt.

It is time for Americans of good will of all stripes to call for Palin to ceases and desist from this coded Cultural Terrorism or resign. If she will not do this of her own volition then Senator McCain should take leadership in insuring the common good so that all Americans can be secure in their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Let's take a closer look at what Palin poisoning is doing to the minds of ordinary Americans. I want to tell you two short stories about Palinites one in cyberspace and two on the ground. Lets start up here in cyber space with a palinite I met at Newsvine recently.

The Story of the CyberSpace shadow and the straw man.

What to do if you run into Palin Poisoning on-Line? Cut and past my response!

Background Rayan is responding in a seed - Man shot three times by racist gunman - for wearing Barack Obama T-shirt. I am responding to Ryan's comment.

Hetep and Respect Ryan, welcome to the vine. In looking at your column and profile, I noticed that there is no picture of you and that you seem to be one of the new shadow Republicans. I may not agree with you, but your comments up until now generally seem reasonable enough.

Ryan "...What about a hate filled church Obama belonged to?..."

Now most readers know that you are attempting to raise a straw man. Bush/McCain and the forty thieves are famous for this SOP. Naturally it will fail this time for five reasons.

1. America and all us Americans are in the middle of an Economic crises as noted by Obama and McCain. People want to talk about the economic issues facing us.

2. Rev. Wright's church members nor anyone in his community, called out "Kill" anything after his sermons. Naturally, a minster of the lord would correct any member of the church advocating killing in America.

3. No one from Rev. W church or community as a result of his words has attacked verbally or otherwise any European American Reporter or crew member.

4. No European person from any nation has been shot after one of Rev. W's Sermons.

5. Last but not least, their is no Black Christian Church in America associated with the threat of mob violence now connected to Palin's riot speeches.

These being the facts, I would like you to clarify your position for the readers and I, so that we do not misunderstand your position and mission.

1. Do you support Palin, right or wrong, no matter what she says and/or causes to happen including violence.

2. I am advising you that Palin is engaging in Cultural Terrorism. Having been so advised, do you now declare yourself to be a self proclaimed Cultural Terrorist or a Cultural Terrorism supporter or collaborator?

3. Are you now, or have you ever been, or would you ever be, part of a Palin mob, inclined to do violence against African Americans or any other Americans.

We await your on the record answer.


Now to the last stories and videos.

The story of the mindless woman and the malicious man.

McCain to his credit is trying to undo the Cultural Poisoning that Sarah Palin has injected in the vanes of some Americans. The problem is, as you will see from the unfortunate woman that McCain was trying to cure of Palin Poisoning, that the dis-ease has completely taken this woman over.

The problem is, Cultural Poisoning takes over the bio-computer in such a way that the person is disconnected from reality. You will note at the end that some Culturally Healthy people around her, try to help her by administering the antidote (truth), to no avail.

McCain let Palin out of Pandora's box and she has activated the mob, Now it may be to late for McCain to put Palin and her mobs back in pandora's box. The mindless mob is loose in the streets they are everywhere. Look at this next video.

Palin Supporter Brings Racist Monkey "Obama" Doll to Rally, see Newsvine Discussion

Most Cultural Terrorists are cowards, they attack in large groups. By themselves they are cowards who will sacrifice anything, even children, to hide their evil anti-humanist behavior. When he realizes that he has been identified and is being taped, watch what he does with his Cultural Poisoning monkey Tool.

Wow, Imagine if Palin was allowed to continue to fire up and embolden these crazy people All over America. Imagine if McCain's bad judgment became POTUS, WoW.

Perish the thought, Palin should resign now. McCain has dealt himself a fatal blow. self-respecting Republicans will distance themselves from this cowardly behavior. And McCain has out done himself. This last piece of Tricknology has backfired and knocked the woman and independents off the fence onto the Obama lawn and a new dawn.

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CBS News and Katie Couric censors Palin remarks to show her in a more favorable light in exchange for exclusive interviews from the McCain campaign.Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin defended her claim that Democrat Barack Obama "pals around with terrorists," saying his association with a Vietnam-era radical is an issue that is "fair to talk about." The Associated Press reports that Obama has denounced the radical views and actions of Bill Ayers, a founder of the 1960s violent Weather Underground group. On Sunday, the presidential hopeful tossed aside the criticism from the McCain-Palin campaign as "smears" meant to distract voters from real problems.
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