Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Asian-Americans Place Obama Ahead in Polls

Sen. Barack Obama leads Sen. John McCain 42 to 20 percent in New York and 37 to 18 percent in New Jersey, according to a recent poll of Asian Americans." This region is ahead of the Asian vote nation wide.

The first large scale survey of Asian Americans shows Obama ahead of McCain 42 to 37.

The question is will 5 point be enough to overcome Republican voter suppression tactics and the Cultural Poisoning effect (Bradly effect). For more survey details Click Here

The numbers from the large Asian population centers like New York and New Jersey have a much better margin but there is still a large undecided vote to be considered. The most encouraging numbers come from Asian woman. Gallup reports that Asian American women are going overwhelmingly for Obama, 60% to 28% for McCain."

Two things I would like to mention regarding Cultural Commentary. First this is the broadest Asian American election survey I know of but it might be to broad. It included Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipinos, the range of Pacific Islanders and those who identify as Indian or South Asian.

If the reference is continental or focused on descendants from the Asian continent this is a reasonable collection of representative ethnic groups. However, if we are talking about the Asian ethnic group proper the Indian ethnic group is not a clear fit. They are human beings capable of producing substantial amounts of melanin i.e. Black people and do not fit into the biological Asian ethnic group proper. Having set forward that Cultural Literacy qualification let us return to the issue at hand the election.

Killfile of Newsvine did a story yesterday Who Is Nancy Takehara? He pointed out that everyone new about the McCain European American worker that was attacked Ashley Todd, the woman who turned out to have lied about a Black man attacking her. However, the Asian Obama supporter who was attacked by a confessed European American did not get much notice in the main stream media. This story was not missed in the Asian community. Incidents like this along with McCain/Palin code word attacks on other ethnic groups and McCain being known for calling Asians "Guks" have drivien many Asians out of the Republican party.

It is surprising to me that the national numbers are not larger but my home town New York seems to be getting it right. The Asian American community tends to be relatively Culturally healthy, we will see what the actual vote brings.

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