Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oak Park Mall - Journeys Prints Racial Slur On Receipt

Cultural Terrorist (s) loose in Oak Park Mall in the Journeys store attacking African Americans at random. At least one young person had been harmed in Overland Park, Kansas and the facts and arrests need to follow. Who programmed the machines to attack Black customers?

I know you are pissed. However, the challenge, in the interest of Cultural Health, is to bring MAAT (justice balance). This is going to cost that Mall and Journey's a lot of money.

Racial Slur On Receipt Prompts Boycott Call

I did not think Black people in that area of the country would be sitting on their hands on this one. Let us demonstrate that people of good will would like to see Oak Mall restore MAAT and return the Mall to being a Culturally Health place for all Americans to shop.

Money Talks! Here is a number to the Mall 913.888.4400
Here is a Number to the store 913.859.9418
Let's give them a proper Holiday Season Rush

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Anonymous said...

I am of a native of Kansas City, Mo currently living in Birmingham, Al. I was offended and outraged by what Journey has done, and I have sent out emails to my friends and family that are residents of Birmingham encouraging them not to patronize the Journey's store in Birmingham.
This boycott needs to be nationwide.

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