Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama Leads with Women Voters (Poll)

"In fact, Obama’s significant “gender gap” advantage–Gallup currently shows him backed by 53% of female voters, compared to 40% for McCain–is due in large part to his strong support among women of color." (Video)

"Even with the avalanche of presidential polls, it’s still hard to find any good polling on Asian American voters. But here’s one interesting tidbit: Gallup reports that Asian American women are going overwhelmingly for Obama, 60% to 28% for McCain."

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Hillary Clinton was a viable candidate Sarah Palin is an insult to most thinking woman I know. The Bush/McCain & Palin anti-woman's rights positions don't bring most woman to their cause.

Cultural Commentary: it is interesting to note that the Political Cultural health index is higher for women then for man. We know both groups suffer from similar degrees of Cultural Poisoning however, it seems that women are more effective at controlling or deleting negative cultural programs running in their bio-computers.

As a practical matter by nature woman are less inclined to war and conflict and in many cases more closely connected to their children's well fare so health care and education democratic strong points are more likely to meet their top three needs. Their numbers in the ranks of the head of household would also make them sensitive to the Republican trickle down destruction of the economy.

Lastly, it is interesting to note how women of color (African Americans, Latino Americans Asian Americans, etc) are weighting the political Cultural Health Index of all American Woman. Woman have always made the difference in church and politics. Lets see if this holds on election day.

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