Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama 30 Minute AD (Video)

Just in case you missed it here is the Obama 27 Minute Ad that McCain called an infomercial. It really is a story of Americans. I see myself and my neighbors in the story and I see Obama working hard like us and thinking about solutions for us.

American Stories, American Solutions

The technical quality is excellent a testament to Obama's management skills that is, the ability to get the right people to get the technical job done. The stories and the message is excellent, a testment to Obama's understanding of us the people and his vission for America's future.

This AD aired on 7 major networks in prime time and ended with live commentary at a rally on the ground. I it good to see Obama put part of the two cents that I donate to good use and not wast it my mentioning Bush/McCain or Palin once in the story he told. It is time to turn the page on Bush/McCain & Palin and start thinking about how we will rebuild America for ourselves and our children.

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