Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Olbermann Calls McCain on His Cultural Terrorism

MSNBC must be given credit for some of its people standing up and calling McCain/Palin on their cultural terrorism. Even Bush, as bad as he is, did not overtly insight mob violence against Americans. (Video)

SENATOR McCAIN YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE!!! Keith Olbermann Special Comment

It was the Palin mob, but McCain's refusal to fire Palin and repudiate the Kill him mentality in her crowds, now makes it the McCain mob. McCain took Barry Goldwater's (Extreme anti-humanist)seat in the Senate. He is now in the shadow of his fathers McCain Plantation unleashing the mob violence of Goldwater and Wallace on America. God Help America if he is successful. **vote!** **Donate** **write** but don't sit on your butt.

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Radio Free America said...

Aunk the YouTube account for this video has been terminated. Wonder why? Radio Free America

Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect Radio Free America,

"Wonder Why?"


Apple needs to replace YouTube with a better service that doesn't disappear legit video into the Black hole of history.

I will keep a sharp eye for a replacement. Tnx for the heads uP!

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