Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama as Seen by Three Gernerations of Blacks (Video)

Witnessing history: Three generations of African Americans Youth, an Adult and an Elder talk on the record about the Obama race. This MSNBC project provides a unique look into the hart and soul of the Black community and what the obama run means to them.

Three generations and three different ways to look at the same event rolled into one magnificent quilt of steel will and hope. In this three part series which generation are you in? Do you see yourself.

Part 1: Inspiration for youth
Students in the Bronx see role model in Obama

Can you hear the Cultural Health improvement in our youth and Obama has not been elected to anything yet.

Part 2: Hope and concern
Single mom in Nashville has mixed feelings

An adult Cultural Citizen says it is "hugge and scary at the same time". Interesting, not much interest in politics in the past but she, family and friend are fully engaged now. Power to the people and to he who can wake up the sleeping giants.

As is always the case elders put meat on the bones of reality. One statement says it all "if he did not exist the United states would have had to event him..."

For the original article Click Here If you have time it is important reflective reading.

A final reflection, I need to read this again. I will. This also reminds me that there is a need to do a Three series with leadership members of the Cultural Health community. I.e. Dr. J, Dr. Amen, Dr. Vega. Last but not least, these folks and obama's run have energized me to complete three of the books I am working on by March of 2009.

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