Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Will Palin Show up for the Debate? (Poll)

This debate will be more watched then the first Presidential debate, if Palin shows up. McCain has mostly kept her locked up in Pandora's Box I do not think he will let her out for the debate. (Video)

If he does let her out, clips of her answers will make YouTube loops and Democratic commercials from now to November. I predict that based on past performance she will self destruct.

Let Go To The Video Tape

Palin Spells Disaster For GOP

We have no Idea what the rules of the debate are. There are no third party's included and they will only have 90 seconds to reply. A private corporation, The commission on Presidential debates controlled by the Democrats and Republicans exclusively control this debate. Corporations like Anheuser Bush fund this private corporation. We need to bring the League of Woman Voters back.

Having said that, the debate is what it is. Not a free flowing event designed to provide the listeners with the maximum information about these candidates but an event engineered to minimize the mistakes they may make in their responses to questions.

Did the contestants see the questions before the test? Did they see a list of questions that the test will be chosen from? Who knows, since the debate contract is secret. While you chew on that food for thought it is time to place your bets. Will Palin or Biden win. What will the polls say on Friday?

Live Poll

Palin 25% Biden 75%+

Palin 35% Biden 65%

Palin 45% Biden 55%

Palin 50% Biden 50%

Palin 55% Biden 45%

Palin 65% Biden 35%

Palin 75%+ Biden 25%

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So many are expecting a slaughter when Palin is forced into the arena with the lion, that if she is still standing in the end, she wins.

What do you want to bet, that it the moderator Ifill, asks an unscripted question and Palin shoots herself down in flames, Ifill gets the blame for the Palin loss, not Palin/McCain.

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