Saturday, December 11, 2010

Aretha Franklin Pancreatic Cancer Diagnoses

Singer Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul, it was revealed Wednesday, has pancreatic cancer. And though few details of Franklin’s disease are known at this time, the cure rate for this cancer isn’t good.
Two in 10 people with pancreatic cancer live at least one year after diagnosis, and fewer than 4% will be alive after five years, the American Cancer Society says
Lets Go To The Video Tape:

 How can we help? What is her financial status? Health insurance status? Is she being attended by allopathic and integrative M.D.'s to bring the full range of medical knowledge to bear on her sickness?

We must learn from reality, talent, spiritual health, mental Health and physical health are not the same. Have you checked your three levels on the Ankh lately? She is only four yeas older then I turned today, God how can we help her stay?

Here are some of her songs. We need to pray, meditate and sing our physical health songs to the Queen of Soul in this time of need. Let the vibrations go forth from this place.



Anonymous said...

After teaching all of us what RESPECT is, I sure hope all of us can pay her back with some prayers or good vibes in return. Aretha, be strong. You are in our thoughts.

Lex Luthor said...

Ms Franklin, no matter what the outcome is of her battle with cancer, will forever live on through the power of her music.

Thanks to the internet there are so many more people that will be able to experience her thoughts and creativity that may no have had the chance to in the past. because her music was so emotionally driven, it will always be relevant. Aunk, thank you for spreading the word and hopefully she will be able to reach at least one more person because of it.

Aretha, we love you and respect what you do and the talent that you've shared with us. we all wish you the best and should God's plan be other than our own, may you be ok and find some satisfaction in knowing that you've touched so many, uplifted so many, and inspired so many people throughout your life time. May God be with you and comfort you in your time of need. Amen.

We celebrate you while you are still here,
Lex Luthor - 1/2 of LexZyne Productions

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