Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cultural Poisoning In Sports Alert! Soccer Infected With Racism.

It seems that FIFA and country's like England, Spain and Italy are still living in the Cultural Health dark ages. (Video)

I am an American, I never played soccer and I am not a soccer fan so I like most Americans had no idea about the open extreme Cultural Poisoning in European sport. On the other hand, if history is a measure, that there is still cultural poisoning at it's point of origin should not be a surprise.

Let's Go To The Video Tape (Pt1 & Pt2)

I think the report speaks for itself. Be sure and watch both part 1 above and Part 2. I have two adolescent grand children who play soccer but have no idea of the cultural Poisoning embedded in the sport. The video's speak for themselves, excellent job by Bryant Gumbel. The question is, what should be done about it.

In the case of Base Ball, Foot Ball and golf, I simply don't watch Culturally Poisoned teams like the "Red" Skins or any uncivilized sports activity. But I do not watch soccer except some world cup. So, how can I and folks like me who are not "fans" help reduce overt extreme Cultural Poisoning in soccer worldwide?

Stay tuned for Cultural Poisoning Alerts for other sports.

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