Friday, December 10, 2010

Obama/GOP Tax Compromise InfoGraphic

If the Obama Democrat and Republican compromise on Bush Tax cuts for the wealthy becomes law, what does that mean to you. This interactive infoGraphic shows the Bush Republican Plan, The Obama Democratic Plan, the Republican Tax Poison Pill Option and the compromise plan.

There is a lot of hype about the Great Obama tax Deal of 2010. Much fun is being made of the initial internal democrat battle of the smart Dems trying to bring the slow and hard core left Dems on board.
On the other side there are funny's about Limbaugh blowing a gasket over the Obama/Gop compromise. This infoGraphic gets past the funny's and on to the facts. It shows what comes into or goes out of your pocket in each of four options.

To view the interactive InfoGraphic Click Here

My Analysis of the Four Options

1. Option Two
Bush Republican Plan - Nothing changes the rich get richer

2. Option Three
Obama Democratic Plan - Rich pay for the second stimulus to repair the economy destroyed under Bush and the forty thieves. It could be called the"Rich Pay your fair share plan" which, they say they want to do. They say, like the President and Warren Buffett, that we should pay more, we can afford it in this our country's time of need.

3. Option four
Republican Tax Poison Pill Option - Hold Middle Class Americans Hostage by threatening to raise taxes on all and kill the economic recovery, unless millionaires/Billionaires  keep Bush tax giveaways.

4. Obama/Gop Compromise Plan
Middle Class Taxes do not go up, Unemployed are not forced into destitution by Republicans, the Nation gets economic stimulus #2 with with .30 cent return on every rich person dollar and a $1.30 return on every middle and working class dollar.

Bottom line:
We the American people hired the right guy to run the country in time of trouble. The Deal Maker got stimulus #1 moving, then Health Care Reform and now Stimulus #2. An impressive string of victories for the American people by any measure.

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