Saturday, December 25, 2010

We Know the Speed of Light, So What is the Speed of Dark?

My Christmas Day and Kwanzaa Eve Question to you is, what is the Speed of Dark? This video will teach you the answer. When you have the answer, as Apple says about the Iphone, "This Changes Everything". (Video)

Let's Go To The Video Tape

I know your head is in suspended animation after watching the video. That is because your thoughts are racing around at the speed of dark. You will catch up to them in a minute. When you catch up your first task will be to find out how to go beyond inches and MPH and find out what a Terahertz (THz) is.

Your second task is to apply what you have learned about the speed of Dark to Melanin. I know your head when back into suspended animation. Once again you will catch up. We know the body moves information electro chemically. In bio-energetics we understand melanin as the main communicator. In Kemetic Chemistry or Indian medicine we talk about the 7 Chakras (Wheels) of energy. Modern cosmologics helps us understand that Chakras are in reality melanin energy channels. We can now come to understand from what we have learned in the video that information/energy in our body moves at the speed of dark. or said another way moves at one of the black seeds, wow.

I know back in suspended animation again, you will catch up.

House Keeping note. There are those who misunderstand Melanin Science and try to misrepresent it as "Melanin Theory". That is not what this is about. In melanin science there are theories (speculation) hypothesis as in any science. The scientific method as developed in Classical African Civilization, kemet (Ancient Egypt) and still practiced today determines what is fact and what is misguided.

Use this information to stay even more focused in your search for a greater understanding of Ma'at.

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Aunk said...

Don't just read talk back.

It is hard to get a grip on the idea that the Sun does not put out light but puts out dark energy.

I also occurs to me as I think about sound that all sound, audible or not, is dark energy.

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