Monday, December 13, 2010

John Boehner....Weeper of the House! - Emotionally Unstable

On 60 Minutes John Boehner said the President disrespected him and then started crying? WTF, there is no crying in politics. (Video)

I think the problem is this guy is a addict like Limbaugh and Beck Randi Rhodes summed it up best.

See the full CBS 60 Minutes Show here It may be slow to load this video is getting mad hit.

Did you see in the piece were basically he says the President disrespected me and starts uncontrollably crying, wow, this guy is a psychopath like Bush.

No wonder this guy is against health care, he grew up in a bar, a place that sells people liver failure and addiction. Imagine the moral upbring this guy got.

This guy has been in congress for more then 20 years, name one thing he has done for the American middle class. He has actually given out bribe lobby checks on the floor of the House of Representatives. This guy is a corporate crack mule for the drug - Profit over People.

The 60 minutes piece was shocking because it is a pattern of emotional instability. What happens to this guy when something bad happens. Just imagine if President Obama constantly cried and was know as a weeper. We would never hear the end of it. President, a leader of any kind, forget about it. But some Americans want wack jobs like Beck, Palin and John, the weeper, Boehner to lead them. What is up with that.

People we have some serious challenges ahead of us, we need to get a grip. And we need to get some more smart leaders like our President that have a grip.

These are a couple of tweets I found and these are the nice ones fit for print.

NellSco: Nancy Pelosi may have been the first female Speaker of the House, but John Boehner's constant blubbering makes him the first girl.
on Dec. 13 at 01:13 a.m.

NellSco: John Boehner's constant blubbering makes me think we have our second female Speaker of the House.

on Dec. 13 at 01:06 a.m.
GidgetWA: If ever the phrase, "man up" actually applied, it applies to John Boehner. #crybaby

I on a less serious not let me throw this video in. Boehner, as Commander In Chief, would need someone like my old sarge as his therapist.

I think just about everybody sees that something is wrong here.

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Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect folks, don't just read talk back.

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