Saturday, December 18, 2010

Obama Refuses to Take Bush Rebup Tax Poison Pill

The President stuns Democrats and Republicans by Refusing to Take Bush Republican Poison Tax Pill. There are those that said the President should fight to prevent Republicans from giving the Rich 700 billion more of the middle classes money, he didn't. (Video)

Let's Go To the Video Tape

There are those in The MSM and bloggers that said the President has no backbone, not willing to stand and fight for what he believes. They said he would "Cave" on Tax cuts. Causing many Democrats to cower prematurely loose confidence in their leader who has won every major battle he has engaged the Republicans in. How soon we forget his gifts of effectiveness, foresight and decisive action to benefit the middle class and hard working Americans.

We also forget the dirty tricks nature of the Bush undead, but the President did not forget. He took note of Bush and the forty thieves saying They Set "Trap" For Obama That "Feels Pretty Good". They thought they left a poison pill for the President. That is a tax increase for the millions of middle class Americans making under two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, problem is, he did not swallow the Republican Tax poison pill.

He cut a far better deal with the few "sane" Republicans left standing then he will get from the Bag House that will take over in January. The 2 year temporary stay on reverse Robin Hood tax cuts for the rich puts the Republicans on the defensive. If Republicans now, after they have been given what they asked for, force hardworking Americans (99ers) to become destitute and raise taxes on all of the American middle class. The American people will know exactly who increased there taxes. You will notice they did not have the courage of their convictions to cause a massive tax increase, they compromised.

We should also duly note that the Republicans used this tax hostage situation to launch the first formal  clandestine attack on our/my Social Social Security.

Like Health Care Reform our President's smarts wins another victory for the American Middle class, working people and our recovering economy.

The battle cry going forward must be Stop The Republican ATTACK on SOCIAL SECURITY, elect the lock box candidate in 2012

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