Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Increase Neuronal Growth: Follow These Rules

First refresh your memory on how neurons work, then learn the 6 important things you can do to increase the speed of existing neurons and grow new ones (Video)

How do neurons work?

Let's Go To the Video Tape

To increase the speed of neurons connections and to stimulate new neurons that have just grown follow these 6 rules:

1. Have an impossible challenge at hand. You need to have your brain working on something it cannot work yet, to make new neurons very quickly. Just like a muscle that will grow stronger after it is stressed to the limit, the brain will do the same. Neurons will grow longer axons, more dendrites and will myelinate the axons to send faster impulses.
2. You must play serious computer games to manage a lot of information at the same time. Games like Unreal Tournament and Need For Speed are the best because there is so much information to handle you almost faint!
3. Stay away from energy drinks.
4. Writing is one of the best ways to organize information and give your brain a serious challenge. The internet is an endless source of information shared by people like me and you. Use Google keyword tool to find good keywords and click them to see information.
5. Eat well, eat a lot of green stuff and stay away from fast food.
Finally you need to rest your brain very frequently. Make a pause at least an hour to break the momentum.
To this list I would add strength training, Aerobic training like walking, running, swimming or jumping rope. and Spiritual Training  like Qi Gone and whatever you can find to improve your spiritual health.
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