Saturday, March 19, 2011

Asians Europeans The Japan tsunami Cultural Poisoning and Racism

Alexandra Wallace,European American UCLA student who created the offensive Asians in the library viral video withdrawing from school under cultural Pressure. (Video)

Here is the story, You have to hear this to believe that a young women could be so culturally poisoned at to throw away all her hard work at university. This dis-ease can be very costly if not caught in time.  Cultural Poisoning does not pay. 

LET's Go To The Video Tape

If you type in Asians in the Library into YouTube you will find that millions have watched this video, versions of it, or commentary on it. Now, if Africans could product this type of response when someone uses the "N" word. These are my thoughts on the matter as first published on MSNBC/Newsvine.

Hetep and Respect PK Siclair,

but for this girl to make a video and express such unintelligent, misguided thoughts and post it on YouTube is inappropriate and, yes, racist.

Yes, her comments do seem on the extreme side of Cultural Poisoning.

" So we know that I am not the most "politically Correct" person" These Republican Social Conservative code words suggest that she is from a hard core Cultural Anti-humanist family.

You are right, if the parents suffer the dis-ease and it is not corrected the children will catch it. And if the dis-ease is severe enough, the children in a dangerous state of Cultural disorientation might get on YouTube and try, like a deranged AIDs patient, to spread the dis-ease.

Cultural Illiteracy is also evident in her symptom complex.

"Old" Asian people, denotes the absence of the concept of elders. In the West the culture calls senior members of their society old people. In the Central Worldview (African) and the Eastern Worldview (Asian) Senior members of society are thought of as honored elders. There is a big difference in cultural orientation with respect to experience and wisdom in the Western Worldview compared to the Majority Worldviews in the world.

"...They don't teach their kids to fen for themselves..." an example of the Western excessive individualism core value. The communal value of high regard for family friends and fellow citizens is not in this persons spirit. Want to bet that she and her parents are also against ACA that give health care access to 33 million of her fellow Americans.

Now the danger is to this young lady's children? What will she teach them? What will be their state of Cultural Health?

On a positive note:

Behind the cultural poisoning is a valid point, you should not be on the phone in the library, especially not during finals. She was civil in her response with the "shsss".

Her fellow students, in the majority at the school, recognized the Cultural Poisoning even if they did not call it that and applied appropriate corrective cultural pressure. She got a similar dose of Cultural Pressure on YouTube itself from around the world.

The good news is that UCLA is a more culturally health place today then in my day, and so is the world.

The question is, did this young girl learn from her cultural poisoning symptoms being exposed?

P.S. here is an Asian American trying in a light hearted way to hold a Cultural Poisoning mirror up to Alexandra Wallace. White Girls in The Library (just in case you thought Asians were not offended by the denigration of their ethnic group).

For my AA brothers and sisters you will note that you do not see Asian Americans denigrating themselves. They do not call themselves the ".."N" Word..." and make it known when they or their group is disrespected, The ball is in your court. You get respect if you give it, to yourself first. 

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