Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mississippi Hanging - MD Concludes Black Man Hanged Not Suicide

OK, now it is official, what we all suspected was the case from this historical disgrace of a town and state. Now it is time to role up our justice sleeves and restore Ma'at in Greenwood Mississippi.

You will recall in 2010, that the African American Frederick Carter was found hanging from a tree in Greenwood Mississippi a town notorious it''s Cultural Anti-Humanists. Original story here. Join the discussion on MSNBC/Newsvine. There is also a second independent autopsy done by the family. We will need to take a close look at these results as they become available.

Let's Go To the Video Tape

Warning: Cultural Health Alert, disturbing pictures ahead, do not proceed if you are culturally sensitive.

My first reaction is, there should be on FBI agent in the town for every cultural anti-humanist man woman and child in the town.

Under normal sercumstance you would expect that the Governor of the state would step in and suspend, if not arrest the sheriff, the district Attorney and anyone else suspected of obstructing justice in this case.

However, the Governor is a Cultural Anti-Humanist himself in support of forcing all Mississippi citizens to use KKK licence plates.

This will be a major test for the President and the attorney general as a practical matter I don't see them doing much publicly on this before the 2012 Election. However, the wheels of justice should be turning. Every current and historical piece of paper in this town should be reviewed. If need be every person in the town should be interviewed by the FBI.

In the end with the facts in place justice must be served.

African Americans are more then 63% of this town, Graphic. NAACP, NUL, NAN, Rainbow, you need to be on the ground making sure every one of them is eligible and registered to vote, and votes in the next local and national election.

Finding and brining to justice the criminals involved bases on a sound investigation is important. In addition, long term Ma'at requires us to change local government and local law "enforcement".

I just subscribed to the WeAllBeTV YouTube channel I suggest our readers do the same. Great coverage WeAllBeTB! The question is, why is WeAllBeTV seeming to be the only ones covering this up close and personal. Where is MSNBC, CNN, ABC, Democracy Now, NPR, etc.

It Sounds to me like WE ALL need to BE TV. Get them Iphones and droids up and running. Get your google phone number that auto records your conversations and translates them to text for free. And stand ready to act when the call comes.

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