Thursday, March 31, 2011

F.D.A. Warnings Artificial Food Colors

From my point of view (LifeRcise1) the body see all things you put in your mouth as one of three things. I use a Food Ankh to illustrate.

Food Ankh (envision the Ankh in its role as tripartite model )




Guess how the body sees Red dye #40? I picked up a box of fruit loops like in the picture below and read the ingredients. Wow, I never saw so much artificial flavor in one place in my life. The body, through its filter the liver, tries to get rid of poison. When it is overloaded the liver is clogged and what it can't dump gets stored in cells. The toxins in cells can literally drive the cells crazy.

That the F.D.A is taking a look is interesting but remember they are part of Medical Industrial Complex (MidiPlex). Don't expect much from the FDA and don't buy or give your children anything with artificial flavor in it, I don't.

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F.D.A. Panel to Consider Warnings for Artificial Food Colorings

WASHINGTON — After staunchly defending the safety of artificial food colorings, the federal government is for the first time publicly reassessing whether foods like Jell-O, Lucky Charms cereal and Minute Maid Lemonade should carry warnings that the bright artificial colorings in them worsen behavior problems like hyperactivity in some children.

The hearings signal that the growing list of studies suggesting a link between artificial colorings and behavioral changes in children has at least gotten regulators’ attention — and, for consumer advocates, that in itself is a victory.

In a concluding report, staff scientists from the F.D.A. wrote that while typical children might be unaffected by the dyes, those with behavioral disorders might have their conditions “exacerbated by exposure to a number of substances in food, including, but not limited to, synthetic color additives.”


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