Monday, March 28, 2011

Harry Belafonte Truth About Obama

I do not think the honorable Belafonte spoke "harsh" words for Barack Obama. I think he stated a political reality that all Americans need to know about our Presidents.

I hired the President to do three things 1. End Bush wars, 2. Pass Health Reform 3. Fix economy with a green moon shot, he is doing all three. It is we the people that must give him the juice to get the job done.

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Hitfix Interview: Harry Belafonte and his harsh words for Barack Obama

PARK CITY - One of the most stirring documentaries making the rounds at the Sundance Film Festival this year is “Sing Your Song,” a film about the life of Harry Belafonte. While the movie traces his musical career, its focus is his life-long role as a civil rights leader and humanitarian and as someone who has never feared speaking truth to power. It shows him walking side-by-side with Martin Luther King Jr., gently chiding the Kennedys for dragging their feet in supporting civil rights, rebuking Bill Clinton for his actions in Haiti, and celebrating Nelson Mandela’s release from prison.

Hitfix Interview: Harry Belafonte and his harsh words for Barack Obama

His actions have come at a cost:  the FBI spied on him relentlessly and ultimately broke up his first marriage. He’s been chased by the Ku Klux Klan and threatened many times.

Give me your assessment of Pres. Obama and where you feel we are right now.
I’m very proud that he’s in office, but that’s about it.  What I now understand is without us being completely active and engaged and taking charge, he will not move. This happened before. John Kennedy became John Kennedy because of the Civil Rights Movement. History made John Kennedy more than John Kennedy made history with the peace movement of the time, the civil rights movement, what young people did. When we got active, the president stepped into the space and did what he had to do. So did Johnson and I think the same thing is necessary for Barack Obama.

If he doesn’t have an active society, if he  doesn’t have an active Black community, if he doesn’t have an active Native American community, if he doesn’t have an active women’s community, he doesn’t have to do anything but duck bullets from the opposition. And he should stop ducking and we should start rallying around him and give him things to work with. If I gave him things to work with and he failed, I can attack him.


Anonymous said...

I think Harry contradicts himself. He also allows no faults for any human.

Aunk said...

Hetep and Resepect Anonymous, cryptic comment. How does he contradict himself?

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