Friday, March 04, 2011

How Does Chelation Therapy Detoxify Heavy Metals?

You may know that chelation therapy removes heavy metals from the body, but where did it start and how does it work? If you have circulatory problems like hart issues, high blood pressure or eye problems you need to see this. (Video)

Let's Go To The Video Tape

You should also note that this is a Health Care Practice not a Allopathic Sick Care only practice. He talked about finding out what a patient is deficient in, vitamins or minerals, and correcting it. Most people get what I call the 4 page sick care blood test which only tells you if you are sick. I bet these guys give the 15 page Health Care blood test that give you the full vitamin, mineral and hormone picture of your health.

If we can get this kind of care in the Democratic Affordable Care Act (ACA) now we will be talking real health care and serious reduction in America's health care costs.

Note: The sauna is a good detox tool if you have access to one. The new delivery technology for glutathione (GSH) is also a powerful detox agent. 

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