Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gameloft GT Racing 1 for the Iphone Review (Video)

I am a Real Racing 2 Gamester and when I saw GTR1 in the Iphone App Store I had to take it for a test drive. See my run and hear my thoughts as I get through the first level.

 Like RR2 in GTR1 you get a VW type care as your first car. But the tracks are locked, you have to pass a driving test to get a licence to actually drive it in competition, That was wild but good way to get the feel of the car and GTR1's game play. It is then up to you to look at the rest of the cars in the entry class, power to weight ratio, etc. and pick what you think will be most effective.

I was running my second car a Ford Focus Ft wheel drive, 2975 lbs, inline four engine, 194 HP, 130 top speed. It took me about 14hrs to learn GTR1 enough to completed C Class. I can now move up from the VW class light weight low power up to some serious power and speed. In RR2 cars have a relative power rating. In GTR1 as you have noted you get the full basic specs of the car and you have to work out the relative power rating yourself.

This detail can be overwhelming to someone new to cars and racing. Their is an arcade section to just race for fun. This spec detail makes GTR1 more realistic in this area and it is great if like me you are trying to teach one of your grandsons the finer points of racing. Now let's get to the video.

This video is one of the big four final C Class championship races. I am only showing you this one race but rest assured I placed in the top thee in all four championships. Difficult but, Fun stuff. I Never Saw This Track before I ran it (no practice time trials) But I WS Cooking.

Let's Go to The Video Tape

This is the heads up display of GTR1 if you know the HUD Display of RR2 you will note you have some additional features. On the right you have a tach a must have in Drag racing MPH is large (kmph here but I have switched to MPH). Next and real important is a real time full track display on the left. Ever lost track of where you are on the track, not any more. Your in yellow the other cars are in red.

The race upload to YouTube is easy and bullet proof. Real Racing 2 which I have and really like, enables you to upload time trials only. You can not upload actual races, so you can not share races with friends in Cyberspace. This is a big disadvantage, are you listening RR2.

The graphics on the the Iphone 4 are outstanding in HD retina vision. See the lead picture in this article of my ford focus for an example of how all the graphics look. The Bad news is, the graphic in the upload are degraded because they are in 360p here on YouTube. But this is only Gameloft's GTR1 version 1.0.0 so I am confident that we will see an HD upload option soon.

In retina vision the scenery is truly stunning. The tracks are longer and you know if you are on a 2.5 track or 1 mile track. They even have a drag strip and you do the shifting neat. Tracks also go up and down hill, RR2 tracks are more or less flat. There is sometimes some lag in GTR1. RR2 seems smother but I need more time on GTR1 to more.

Next I will report on B Class and I must let me Grandson know so we can get GTR1. I will have great fun showing him the ropes. Stay tuned.

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