Thursday, March 31, 2011

The New Medicare Plan: ACO's Replace HMO's

The new Accountable care Organizations (ACO's) will save Medicare a billion dollars and benefit patients, doctors, and hospitals. This stands in contrast to the Republican "Health" Maintenance Organizations (HMO's) created by the felon Richard Nixon. They were created, as we have President Nixion on tape saying, for the purpose of providing patients less care and criminal insurance corporations more profit.

In my opinion, this will be a massive improvement in senior care. Just the computer coordination (E-medical Record) like we have at the VA will reduce cost by a billion and immeasurably improve care. I predict that ACO's will replace HMO's in all aspects of health care and Medicare is a good place to start.


New Medicare plan: 10 things to know

The Obama administration proposed much-anticipated rules Thursday to spur changes in the way that health care for older Americans is organized and paid for. Here are key details:
What does it mean?
What are ACOs?
Who would be affected?
How much would be saved?
What do patients have to do?
What do critics say?
What do supporters say?
How do the rules help new ACOs?
How will quality be assessed?
What's next?

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