Friday, March 25, 2011

Black Superfoods and The Five Deadly Whites

See this slide show of the six Black Superfoods that everyone should know about. Here is another health related list you should also know about. They are foods you know and should stay away from.

The Five Deadly Whites

1. White Sugar (limit refined sugar)
2. White Salt (can cause High Blood Pressure)
3. White Potato's (High glycemic index)
4. White Rice (High Glycemic index)
5. White Bread (High Glycemic index) I call it diabetes bread

I stopped eating the Deadly Whites a long time ago. I will now start looking for the items in the Black Superfoods list which, is new to me. If you want to see what the act of stopping eating from the deadly list can do for you, check me out at my lifeRcise1 channel on YouTube.
Black Superfoods: Black Is The New Green
Green veggies have long been hailed as the go-to good-for-you food, but dark fruits, veggies, and grains are nutritional powerhouses, too. Their color comes from anthocyanins, plant pigments that may help lower the risks of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.
Black Rice
In fact, "black foods have more antioxidants than light-colored foods because of their high pigment content," says Cy Lee, Ph.D., a professor of food chemistry at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Can't find one of these deep-hued superfoods at your local supermarket? Try natural-foods stores and ethnic groceries.
The Six Supper Blacks

1. Black Rice (Brown rice is good, but black rice is better)
2. Black Beans (Packed with anti-cancer bioflavonoids)
3. Black Lentils (Natural source of Iron. fiber, lower cholesterol)
4. Black soybeans ( Reduce the risk of blood clots and hart disease)
5. Blackberries (Anti-ageing Polyphenols and supper rich in fiber)
6. Black Tea (reduces muscle soreness after a good work out at the gym)

Note: The Tea Big Three: Green Tea (anti-cancer) White Tea (boost immune system) Black Tea (for muscle pain)


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